KLOUDIP in Healthcare
KLOUDSKY maintains healthy environment for medical laboratories and expensive test equipment.
8 May, 2019 by
KLOUDIP in Healthcare
Sanjeeva Cooray

Equipment is an investment and investments should work. KLOUDIP makes investments work in different business domains, and we have added healthcare to the list. Read ahead to know more...

The problem

Сatheterization laboratory in Colombo, Sri Lanka, is the place where doctors carry out complex procedures for patients with heart failures. It has the most advanced diagnostic imaging equipment of its kind in South Asia. Certain levels of temperature and humidity are a must for its smooth operation.

In case something goes wrong and the clinic management wants to claim on the manufacturer’s warranty, they have to provide the humidity and temperature log reports. These data prove that the equipment was kept within the recommended environment all the time.

Readers of our blog definitely know that hot and humid nature distinguishes Sri Lankan climate. This is not what helps complex medical equipment to operate flawlessly. That’s why it should be closely monitored.

The solution

First of all, we had to decide what sensors to use. Upon choosing the wired ones, the team would have to make holes in the walls and ceiling which would lead to dust and the necessity to close the lab for some time. Then it should be thoroughly cleaned to make sure it is dust- and germ-free. Besides, the clinic wanted to have everything done quickly so as not to cancel or reschedule the patients’ appointments.

As KLOUDSKY platform supports, 1,500+ types of telematics devices it was not a problem to select the appropriate device – KLOUDIP could easily find the device able to connect several wireless sensors. 

Then KLOUDIP designed the report template for a user-friendly visualization of temperature/humidity levels in the form of charts. When the necessary parameters are within the required range (40-60% humidity, 20-25℃ temperature), the graph is green. If the parameters are outside of normal, the graph turns red.

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Real Time Status Display

KLOUDSKY monitors temperature/humidity levels in real time. Then we set up the mobile app so to instantly get the updates from the channel and display them on the dashboard.