for people 

Start with a few "Things". Connect home appliances, wearables, smartphones, voice assistants, personal cars, and manage them on your smartphone or laptop.                 

and businesses 

Scale to thousands of IoT devices. Manage industrial sensors and counters, building and equipment automation systems, or diverse sensor boards without industrial screens. 

HAZER will connect to any IoT device, capture data, and transform it into business insights. The platform visualizes the data, enriches it with analytics, and uses it to manage connected assets within the IoT ecosystem. Being super scalable and offering pay-as-you-go model, it's suitable for consumer and industrial IoT.

connect any asset with No special skills                                                            Check for yourself

Manage millions of "Things" on a single screen with most tasks done in a few clicks.

All you need for the IoT

Sensor widgets

show sensor values in real-time and change colors if critical deviations occur.


display where critical sensor values happen.

Drag & drop

any elements to reorganize the Dashboard in seconds.


via E-mail, SMS, mobile app, and messengers keep you instantly updated. 

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  No human needed.

Use HAZER smart rules to automatically trigger the series of actions depending on sensor values. These rules allow managing moving and stationary assets without human involvement.

Start automation


Easily receive data from any IoT devices on the market.


View dynamically updated charts and detailed reports on sensor performance.


Secure, reliable, and distributed storage to ensure access to data within 400 days.


Embed the IoT data into your ERP, EPM, SCM.

MAke value of your data                                                                                                 Let's discuss


 Unlimited IoT devices

Manage millions of sensors, wearables, and other IoT devices without a second’s delay. 


From 1 temperature sensor in your fridge to 1000s of industrial IoT devices, HAZER suits consumer IoT and businesses of any size.

 Instant compatibility

HAZER instantly supports most of the IoT devices designed for vehicles, buildings, and humans. No compatibility hurdles and coding expected.

 no investments

Pay-as-you-use or how-you-use the platform and employ laptops instead of buying industrial screens.