The IoT platform to monitor & manage vehicles, buildings, or machinery via sensors. It offers IoT dashboards for real-time monitoring, reports for sensor data analytics, and online alerts.

Out-of-the-box HAZER-based solutions optimized for a single application, including temperature control, energy management, stationary tank monitoring, machine hour tracking & more.

HAZER Premium

Connect any moving or stationary objects to the Internet to monitor and manage them remotely.

Whether your vehicles, facilities, and machinery have OEM or aftermarket sensors, HAZER will easily retrieve data from them. The platform instantly visualizes sensor data on IoT dashboards, provides analytics in reports, and alerts you if something goes wrong.

HAZER features: sensor monitoring dashboards

Sensor widgets

Track sensors presented as colored tabs and gauges on the screen of your laptop or smartphone.


Get instant alerts via e-mail, messengers, SMS, and mobile app.


Detect where abnormal sensor values occur. 

Smart rules

Let HAZER manage sensors automatically based on the scenarios that you define.

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