For more than 10 years, KLOUDIP connects moving and stationary assets to the Internet. Based on the experience and the most widely implemented projects, we've assembled 8 ready-to-use HAZER-based solutions.

Ready-to-use IoT apps: what you get

selected and configured IoT devices

HAZER supports almost every device available on the market.

Having tested thousands of hardware types, KLOUDIP selected the best models for each particular application, pre-configured them to work with HAZER, and embedded connectivity.

You only need to unpack the device, install it, and log into the app.


recommended hardware manufacturers

set up IoT dashboards, reports, & alerts

We've analyzed hundreds of projects to offer the best feature set for each particular task. For example, here's how pre-set energy management configuration looks like:

  • Widgets for each energy meter or appliance in a facility;
  • Dynamically updated charts for real-time electricity consumption;
  • Energy expense reports;
  • Power failure, excess consumption, and overspending alerts.

We can further customize the configuration for each particular task that you have.


Choose your HAZER Specific solution

How it works: the simplest way to IoT

Place sensors  

Unpack boxes and place sensors where you need them.

log into the app

We've already created custom IoT dashboards subject to your tasks.

Monitor sensors 

Track sensor values in real-time via widgets and insight boards.

manage assets  

Send commands to sensors or create smart rules to manage objects remotely.

Analyze data  

Generate pre-set reports in a click to check how your assets perform.

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