What's in the box?

IoT platform

The web system and mobile app pre-configured for your tasks 


Wired and wireless GPS trackers pre-set for the IoT platform 


The people to support and consult you on the implementation 

monitor your vehicles remotely

HAZER allows you to track real-time location, mileage, speed, and movements of private or commercial transport. The platform shows where your vehicles are or have been within any given time period. 

private cars

trucks & lorries

heavy vehicles

public transport

  • TopFlyTech T8806+R (2G)

  •  Offers BLE, analog & RS232 inputs to connect all types of sensors

  • Precisely detects location in real-time

  • Analyzes driving style

  • Alerts you if the engine is switched on/off

  • Ensures safety & security with SOS button

  • TopFlyTech TLW2-2BL(4G LTE)

  • Delivers data swiftly via 4G CAT-M1 network

  • Ultra compact: one of the smallest on the market

  • Analyzes driving style

  • Ensures stable wireless connection with any sensors through BLE 5.0

  • Compatible with engine immobilization relay for theft-prevention

  • Xirgo XT2600

  • Plug-and-play: connected in seconds via OBD

  • Monitors driver behavior: captures data every second

  • Delivers data swiftly via 4G

  • Reports vehicle CAN data, including seat belt statuses and engine oil life

  • FCC, PTCRB, and CE-RED Certified

  • Xirgo XG3700 Series devices

  • Deliver data swiftly via 4G

  • Connect to two CAN buses simultaneously

  • Support RFID and driver identification solutions

  • Support thermo data loggers (Thermo King, DataCold, Transcan, Euroscan)

  • E-Mark and ISO 9001 Certified

Free hardware consulting

HAZER is hardware-agnostic, meaning that you can select any GPS tracker on the market or even connect your assets to HAZER via factory-installed GPS devices. Let us know your preferences and we'll help you select the best hardware for your tasks.

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Track your vehicles on a laptop or smartphone

Enjoy the results

All-time fleet visibility

Monitor where your vehicles are and how your fleet performs from any place in the world.

Safety & security

Immobilize the engine in the case of vehicle theft and enhance driver behavior based on telematics data.

Authorized access to vehicles

Be alerted if the engine starts when or where it’s not supposed to.

Minimized expenses

Cut fleet utilization costs by optimizing mileage, fuel consumption, and maintenance. 

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