What's in the box?

IoT platform

The web system and mobile app pre-configured for your tasks 


Fuel level sensors and flow meters pre-set for the IoT platform 


The people to support and consult you on the implementation 

Monitor fuel in all types of vehicles & machinery

HAZER allows you to monitor fuel levels and consumption in private and commercial transport. We’ll give you complete visibility into your vehicle fuel tanks on your laptop or smartphone.

trucks & lorries

heavy machinery

public transport

private cars

  • Eurosens dominator fuel level sensor

  • RS, AS, CAN, and BLE Wireless interfaces

  • Ultra-precise: 1% max measurement error & temperature compensation

  • Modular design for easy maintenance & troubleshooting

  • Transmits fuel data within 200 meters (BLE version)

  • CE-certified

  • Eurosens direct fuel flow meter

  • Designed specifically for vehicles & machinery.

  • Ultra-precise: 1% max measurement error & temperature correction

  • Controls 20 extra parameters, including fuel temperature

  • Excludes air from the system with deaerator

  • Corrosion- and EMI-resistant

  • Escort wireless FLS (TD-BLE/TD-150- BLE)

  • Intalled without a single wire: swiftly & simply

  • Ultra-precise: 1% max measurement error & thermal compensation

  • Vandal-proof with EMI, connector opening, & cable breakage control

  • Explosion-proof by OEx ia llB T6 X 

  • E-Mark- and CE-certified

  • Escort wired fLS (TD-150, 500, 600)

  • Ultra-precise: 1% max measurement error & advanced thermal compensation

  • Receives RS-485, RS-232, frequency, analog, & impulse signals

  • Explosion-proof by OEx ia llB T6 X

  • Highly damage-resistant

  • E-Mark- and CE-certified

Free hardware consulting

HAZER is hardware-agnostic, meaning that you can select any IoT device available on the market or even connect your assets to HAZER via OEM sensors. Let us know your preferences and we'll help you select the best hardware for your tasks.

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monitor stationary tanks on a laptop or smartphone

Enjoy the results

Prevent fuel thefts

HAZER detects 90% of fuel thefts durings stops and on the run by controlling fuel flow or critical level drops.

Cut fuel costs

Fuel accounts for up to 60% of a fleet operating budget. HAZER allows reducing the expenses by half.

Unveil actual fuel consumption

Compare fuel spent vs. mileage to learn how much fuel your vehicles spend in real-life and adjust the rates.

decrease Co2 emissions

Build an eco-friendly business by raising fuel efficiency and controlling factors causing excess fuel consumption.

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