What's in the box?

IoT platform

The web system and mobile app are pre-configured for your tasks 


Temperature & humidity sensors are pre-set for the IoT platform 


The people to support and consult you on the implementation 

Monitor environment in transport & facilities 

HAZER allows monitoring environment inside any moving or stationary object. If you can place a sensor there, we'll connect your vehicle, building, freezer, or any other asset to the IoT in minutes. If there are OEM sensors already, we'll connect them either. 

trucks & trailers


production sites


real-life implementation

temperature monitoring for DHL trucks & warehouses

Check out how DHL uses HAZER to monitor the environment in their transport, warehouses, individual cold boxes and share live temperature data to their clients' smartphones.


  • ELA Blue Coin T

  • Transmits data within 200 meters with BLE 4.0

  • Runs for 5 years on a single charge

  • Waterproof: IP68 protection

  • Accurate to ±0,25°C

  •  Ultra-compact industrial casing

  • TopFlyTech TSTH1-B

  • Transmits data within 300 meters with BLE 5.0

  • Runs for 6 years on a single charge

  • Stores 15,000 sensor values in a black box

  • Accurate to ±0,2°C/± 2 %

  • Light exposion alerts to detect access to cargo

  • Escort TH-BLE

  • Transmits data within 200 meters

  • Runs for 3 years on a single charge

  • Protected from EM interference, dust, & moisture

  • Stores historical sensor data in a black box

  • Reads temperature, humidity, & magnetic field

  • Mechatronics Eurosens DTS BT

  • Transmits data within 200 meters with BLE 4.2

  • Runs for 5 years on a single charge

  • Waterproof: IP67 protection

  • Accurate to ±0,5°C

  • Easily shared between trucks

  • Tesliot BLE-HUB

  • Transmits data within 50 meters with BLE 4.2

  • Runs for 3 years on a single charge

  • Plug-and-play

  • Accurate to ±0,2°C/± 2 %

  • Detects temperature, humidity, light, & MF

Free hardware consulting

HAZER is hardware-agnostic, meaning that you can select any IoT device available on the market or even connect your assets to HAZER via OEM sensors. Let us know your preferences and we'll help you select the best hardware for your tasks.

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Access temperature & humidity monitoring interface

Enjoy the results

Unspoiled goods

including food, crops, & pharmaceuticals.

Comfy environment

in offices, homes, workplaces, and production sites.

remote access

to buildings, transport, cargo, and climate systems.

360° Compliance

with governmental or clients' safety and quality standards.

Time savings

with no need to take and analyze manual readings.


achieved by sharing storage & transportation data with customers.

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