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IoT platform

The web system and mobile app are pre-configured for your tasks 


IoT gateways and fuel level sensors are pre-set for the IoT platform  


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Monitor all types of power generators

HAZER allows you to monitor diesel generators installed in offices, production sites, hospitals, municipal facilities, and remote locations. We can connect your generators directly via an IoT gateway and install additional sensors to control 500+ operating parameters. 

Portable generators

Standby generators

Commercial generators

industrial generators

All about diesel generator monitoring  

See why it's critical to continuously control generators and how businesses use the HAZER IoT platform for remote monitoring, diagnostics, and management.


Diesel generator monitoring
  • IoT gateway: Teltonika TRB series

  • Directly connects to the power generator Modbus

  • Monitors Location | Fuel and battery levels | Running hours | RPMs

  • Water temperature | Oil pressure | Energy production

  • Voltage | Current | Frequency | Power

  • ...and 500+ additional parameters and fault codes
  • GPS terminal: Teltonika FMB series

  • Precisely detects the generator's location

  • Reports on/off statuses

  • Monitors fuel level in real-time

  • Controls battery levels

  • Connects to additional sensors via BLE

  • Escort wireless FLS: TD-BLE/BLE-150

  • Runs for 7 years on a single charge

  • Ultra-precise: 1% max measurement error & thermal compensation

  • Vandal-proof with EMI, connector opening, & cable breakage control

  • Explosion-proof by OEx ia llB T6 X

  • E-Mark- and CE-certified

  • Escort wired fLS (TD-150, 500, 600)

  • Ultra-precise: 1% max measurement error & advanced thermal compensation

  • Supports RS-485, RS-232, frequency, analog, & impulse signals

  • Explosion-proof by OEx ia llB T6 X

  • Highly damage-resistant

  • E-Mark- and CE-certified

  • Eurosens dominator fuel level sensor

  • Ultra-precise: 1% max measurement error & temperature compensation

  • Modular design for easy maintenance & troubleshooting

  • RS, AS, CAN, and BLE Wireless interfaces

  • Transmits fuel data within 200 meters via BLE

  • CE-certified

Free hardware consulting

HAZER is hardware-agnostic, meaning that you can select any IoT device available on the market or even connect your assets to HAZER via OEM sensors. Let us know your preferences and we'll help you select the best hardware for your tasks.

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Access diesel generator monitoring interface

Enjoy the results

Non-stop operation

Let power cuts go unnoticed for your business.

Fuel saving

Prevent fuel thefts and minimize diesel consumption.

Remote diagnostics

React to any emergencies and deal with them in a few clicks.


Relieve your employees from traveling to remote locations.

Smart maintenance

Prolong power generators' life span and prevent critical breakdowns.

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