What's in the box?

IoT platform

The web system and mobile app pre-configured for your tasks 


Water level sensors pre-set for the IoT platform 


The people to support and consult you on the implementation 

Monitor all types of water tanks remotely

HAZER allows monitoring water tanks of all sizes and shapes. No matter if your tanks are underground, ground, or elevated and what are they made of– we’ll give you a complete visibility into your stationary tanks on your laptop and smartphone.

underground water tanks

ground water tanks

elevated water tanks

residential water tanks

  • Eurosens MWS water level sensor

  • Measures water, milk, sewage water, & chemicals levels

  • Quickly installed on the glue or byonette mount

  • Super precise: ±4-10 mm liquid level measurement error

  • IP67 protected

  • Escort ALS Water LEvel Sensor

  • Measures the levels of all conductive liquids, including alkali & acid solutions

  • Easily adaptable to any depth of a tank

  • Super precise: 1% max measurement error

  • IP67 protected

Free hardware consulting

HAZER is hardware-agnostic, meaning that you can select any IoT device available on the market or even connect your assets to HAZER via OEM sensors. Let us know your preferences and we'll help you select the best hardware for your tasks.

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monitor stationary tanks on a laptop or smartphone

Enjoy the results

Employee safety

HAZER eliminates risks associated with climbing elevated fuel tanks or traveling to remote locations.

Non-stop operation

Whether you use water for cooling, fire fighting, irrigation, or other purposes, HAZER ensures that you never run out of water.

Time savings

No more manual routine tasks – inspect tanks, generate reports, and signal emergencies with a few clicks in HAZER app.

Managed inventory

Water levels in all your tanks are brought to a single screen, so you can instantly prevent costly rundowns and overfilling.

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