KLOUD ENERGY: Energy management and electricity monitoring solutions

❗ Small-to-medium businesses spend 100,000 to 500,000 (half a million!) rupees for electricity, at the very least. In large enterprises, the expenses rise a hundred-fold. We are sure that companies can spend at least 20% less and we have a tool to achieve this.

KLOUD Energy by KLOUDIP is a solution to manage energy consumption remotely on your laptop or smartphone. At the core, it comprises an IoT platform, energy meters, OEM hardware, and an IoT gateway.

This video explains:

✅ Why energy management is important in the realities of Sri Lanka?
✅ What options do companies have to cut electricity costs?
✅ How do we install electricity monitoring devices and connect them to the IoT platform?
✅ How to control electricity on your laptop and smartphone?
✅ How to achieve energy saving with KLOUD Energy?

See for yourself – contact us for a live demo and get KLOUD Energy installed. You'll identify your biggest electricity users and start saving your energy – we’ll support you all the way.

Need more information? Contact us for a live demo: http://bit.ly/37Ahfij

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